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Welcome to Reception Kennet's Class.


Our teacher is Mrs Aslett



Our teaching assistant is Mrs Wysockyj

(We call her Mrs W because it's easier!)



Mrs Sundaradhas is a learning support assistant in our class.

(We call her Mrs S)





Check out our blog page. You will see lots of photos of the children's learning and the fun and exciting activities that go on in our class!  We may even have videos for you to watch! smiley 


Our first class photo - September 2017

Our first class photo - September 2017 1

Click on the following link to see our planning for this Autumn term, showing the features of literacy, maths and the other areas of learning. There is also a break-down of the themes that we hope to use to link to learning to. These may change as we try to plan to the interests of the children.

Here is our curriculum letter for the Autumn term

School is CLOSED on Monday 30th October and open to pupil at 08.40am on Tuesday 31st October.
  • D
  • F
  • C

  • Falcons
  • 11
  • B

  • Eagles
  • 10
  • E

  • Hawks
  • 9