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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Instrument of Government

1.  The name of the school is The Ridgeway Primary

2.  The school is a community school

3.  The name of the governing body is "The governing body of The Ridgeway Primary School

4.  The governing body shall consist of:

2 elected parent governors

the Headteacher

1 Local Authority governor

1 elected staff governor

6 co-opted governors

5.  Total number of governors: 11

6.  The term of office for all governors is 4 years

7.  This instrument of government  comes into effect on 28th January 2015

8.  The instrument was made by order of Reading borough Council Local Authority on 12th June 2015

9.  A copy of the instrument must be supplied to every member of the governing body (and the headteacher if not a governor)



The Full Governing Body meet 6 times a year.  Three of these meetings are strategy meetings which address single issues in greater depth.  Much of the work of the Governors is done in the three main committees:      Finance and Personnel, Curriculum and Standards and Health, Safety and Premises. 


Governors can be contacted through the school office.


Ashley Pearce - Co-opted Governor - Chair of Governors

Responsibilities: Finance and Personnel Committee, Curriculum and Standards

Term of Office: Sep 2013- Current

Pecuniary interests: None   I    Meetings attended 2015-16: 80% 

Peter Kayes - Co-opted Governor - Vice Chair of Governors

Responsibilities: Chair of Finance and Personnel Committee.   Curriculum and Standards.

Term of Office: Oct 2013- Current

Pecuniary Interests: None   I   Meetings attended  2015-16 83%%

Any other educational establishments governed:  St Anne's Catholic Primary and Reading Girls School.

Jacky Steele - Governor (Head Teacher)

Awaiting photograph

Responsibilities:  Finance and Personnel, Curriculum and Standards and Health, Safety and Premises

Term of Office:  On-going

Pecuniary Interests:  Strategic Headteacher  I  Meetings attended 2015-16: 100%


Marian Livingstone- Local Authority Governor

Responsibilities: Chair of Curriculum and Standards Committee.   Finance and personnel, Health, safety and premises

Term of Office: Dec 2011-Current

Pecuniary interests: None    I    Meetings attended  2015-16 100%

Any other educational establishments governed:  The Holybrook Special School 

Ghilaine Chan - Co-opted Governor

Responsibilities:  Literacy link Governor

Term of Office: Sep 2016 - Current

Pecuniary interests: None   I  Meetings attended 2015-16 100%

Mary Lewis - Staff Governor (Teaching Staff)

Responsibilities: Curriculum and Standards Committee

Term of Office: Oct 2014- Current

Pecuniary Interest:  KS2 lead at The Ridgeway  I Meetings attended 2015-16: 80%

Nicola O'Gorman - Co-opted Governor 

Responsibilities: Curriculum and Standards Committee

Term of Office: December 2012-Current

Pecuniary interests:  HLTA The Ridgeway  I  Meetings attended 2015-16  70%

Marcus Tindall - Parent Governor

Picture awaited

Responsibilities: Safeguarding Link Governor

Term of office:  February 2015 - Current

Pecuniary interests: None   I    Meetings attended 2015-16 80%

Suzanne Ismail - Co-opted Governor

Picture awaited

Responsibilities: Chair of Health, Safety and Premises.  Finance and Personnel Committee, Pay committee.

Term of Office: Sep 2012- Current

Pecuniary interests:  None     I   Meetings attended 2015-16:  86%

Please ensure all children have a PE kit in school every Monday which goes home on Friday for washing. PE kits should be in school all week. Thank you.
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