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This week we are going to continue to work on a non-chronological report. This time we are going to be leaning about sharks!

Do you know any facts about sharks?

Can you name some of the different types of sharks?

Do what sharks eat?

Please read through the shark non chronological report with an adult and see if you can remember any facts.


Today we are going to build on our shark knowledge from yesterday. To start the lesson can you answer the following questions. An adult might need to help you read the questions.

Next I would like you to map out the fact file we look at yesterday. 

Please draw pictures to represent the facts inside the non-chronological report. This will help you to remember the text and the order. 


Today I would like you to read through the shark text and go through your picture map.

Can you remember all the facts?

In class we always use actions to help us remember our class texts.

I would like you to create your own actions to help you to remember all the facts in our shark non-chronological report.

Please also label the shark below and see if you match up the right word to the right label. 

Have you learnt any new words?


How many shark facts can you remember without looking at your picture map? 

How many shark facts can you remember now that you are looking at the map and using the actions you created yesterday? 

Using the blank non-chronological template I would like to write as many facts as you can remember. You might also want to draw a shark and label them.

Each blank box is for different section of the non-chronological report. Don't forget your title!

I can't wait to see what you do! 

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