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September 2020 opening - COVID-19

This page should provide you with up-to-date information about how we plan to safely reopen our school for all pupils from September 2020.  All relevant, current information, including copies of letter and emails sent to parents/carers about our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the reopening of our school, can be found on this page.  


Over the summer the Headteacher, site staff, senior leadership team, school staff and governors have been working hard to ensure we are ready for safe reopening for pupils on 3rd September.  I hope we have done everything we can over the past few weeks to reassure pupils, staff, parents and carers that school will be safe to reopen, however I recognise that many parents and carers, and some pupils, will be anxious about this return.  As you will know, school has been open throughout this pandemic and, thanks to careful planning, risk assessment and stringent hygiene practices, we have not had a case of COVID confirmed for any pupil or staff member working in school.  Additionally, all children who have returned to school during the pandemic have been happy and relaxed in school and have enjoyed the return to routine and 'normality' that school life brings.  We are not complacent, however, and recognise that we need to remain vigilant and maintain our current high standards in order to keep our school community as safe as possible.  We cannot eliminate the risk, but we will do whatever we can to minimise it in school.


Please read all the information in this section carefully.  It is important that all members of our school community play their part in keeping our school COVID-secure.  In particular, pay close attention to the following:

  • respect the one-way systems when accessing and leaving the school site
  • respect the staggered start and finish times for your family group
  • ensure that only one parent/carer accompanies children to school
  • ensure that children bring only the essentials to school - their coat, PE kit, water bottle, sun hat, lunchbag (if required) and reading book or bookbag.  These items may be carried to and from school in a backpack if children choose to do so.  All other items will be provided by the school.
  • inform the school office immediately and before 3rd September of any new or updated medical needs for your child/ren, including food or other allergy information.  You may make an appointment to speak to a member of staff on 2nd September if you need to sign a medication consent form or drop off medication.
  • raise any questions or concerns with the school office as soon as possible by phone or email, so that queries can be dealt with quickly


Many thanks for your cooperation at this challenging time.  If you have any questions or concerns that cannot be managed by the school office, please ask to make an appointment to meet with the me, the Headteacher, to discuss these in more detail.

Risk Assessment September 2020 - working document, subject to change

How we will manage a suspected or confirmed case of Covid in school.

Recovery Curriculum

Homelearning Information

Email outlining plans for reopening in September - send July 2020

Email explaining the staggered start and finish times

How to use the one-way systems through school

PE and PE Kits

Letter to parents/carers of pupils in Nursery

Change to pupil drop-off and collection times

Email with link to homelearning survey

Pupil/parent/carer vehicle access 08.30am and 2.50pm; families with surnames A - G and pupils in The Glade and The Orchard 08.40am and 3.00pm; families with surnames H - O 08.50am and 3.10pm; families with surnames P - Z 09.00am and 3.20pm. Please arrive promptly at your allocated time - many thanks.
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