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This week in literacy we are writing a letter to someone to show our thanks.


Day 1: Discuss with your grown up people who help us. Who helps us at home? Who helps us at school? Who helps us in the public? Think of someone that you would like to say thank you. Write a sentence about that person explaining why you are thanking them. 


I am going to write my thank you letter to............... because..............


Day 2: Today we are going to think of the key features of a letter, how are they different to a story?

Discuss with your child that a letter has:

  • an address 
  • the address 
  • to/dear 
  • from 
  • written in 1st person - it is personal and written by you.

Write a toolkit for letter writing including the key features and what we need to remember when writing a sentence. 


Day 3: Today we are going to shared write a letter. Grown up's can you pick someone to write a thank you letter to. Work alongside your child to write a letter to that person together. Model the format of the letter and include the key features from the previous day. Allow your child to contribute ideas and help them put it into a sentence. 


Day 4/5: Letter writing - discuss with your child who they would like to write their letter to ask them to give reasons for their choice. Give them an address to use (it may be imaginary). Prompt your child to use their toolkit when writing so that they include the key features of a letter. Prompt your child to check that their sentences make sense and that they are using their phonics when writing. 


We can't wait to see what you get up to! 

Pupil/parent/carer vehicle access 08.30am and 2.50pm; families with surnames A - G and pupils in The Glade and The Orchard 08.40am and 3.00pm; families with surnames H - O 08.50am and 3.10pm; families with surnames P - Z 09.00am and 3.20pm. Please arrive promptly at your allocated time - many thanks.
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