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This week in literacy we are focusing on Oracy. Last week the children wrote letters to someone they are thankful to. 


If your child cannot remember their letter then please help them to write one before you start the tasks for this week. 


Day 1: Today we are focusing on confidence when speaking, model to you child how not to be confident. Ask what they notice. Then model to your child how to be confident. Ask your child to read their letter in a confident way. 


Day 2: Today we are focusing on awareness of an audience. Please make an audience for your child (it can be a grown up, a group of toys etc). Make your child aware of the audience - what should they be doing? Are they showing good listening? Ask your child to read their letter aloud to the audience. Making sure they are using confidence voices (same as yesterday). 


Day 3: Today our focus is reading with expression. Model to your child how to not read with expression - use no tone in your voice and make your voice sound very robotic. Ask your child what was wrong with how you were speaking. Was it interesting? The read the letter confidently using expression - how is this better?


Day4/5: Over these two days practice reading the letter aloud ready to present. Remind your child of the skills that we have learnt over the week. Record and send them to the year 1 home learning email:


Have a great week, we can't wait to see what you get up to!  

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