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Home learning update 3.04.20

Well we are just finishing our second week in lockdown.  We hope you are all surviving!.  Well done to all the families who have been supporting their children with their home learning.  The teachers are all really enjoying seeing what you are all up when we look at your Tapestry posts.  

As the next two weeks are officially the Easter holidays, we want you to be able to relax, (and the teachers too!) so will not be posting daily challenges.  We will still try to respond to your posts though, so keep uploading those photos and videos.  Mrs Aslett is working in school next week, so may not be able to respond as quickly, but will definitely catch up as soon as possible.

However, we have put together lots of suggestions of how you can keep busy at home.  Clink on the link below.  The last couple of pages have some web links to other useful information.  


The Youtube phonics videos will still be played during the holidays, but they will be revising the sounds that have been shown so far. Set 1 sounds are played from 9:30 am and set 2 sounds are played from 10:00am,  Go to Youtube and search either "Set 1 speed sounds" or Set 2 speed sounds".


Keep up with reading - adults reading to children and children reading to adults.  If you haven't yet logged in to access the free e-reading books on Oxford Owl, this is really worth doing.  You can also access lots of other free resources on this site.


Have a great Easter everybody.  Stay safe. 


Best wishes from the Reception Team

Ideas for the Easter holidays

This link has been sent to us from Brighter Futures for Children (who deliver children's services in Reading).

Home learning update - 26.03.20


Hi everyone,

We are overwhelmed with the efforts that so many of you are going to whilst at home with your children.  The whole team are really enjoying seeing your Tapestry posts and all the wonderful home learning that is going on.


Please remember that this is probably a very anxious time for the children, they will not fully understand why they can't be at school and the fact that they are cooped up indoors for the most of the day will have a tremendous effect on their mood and willingness to take on some of the challenges that we are setting.  PLEASE DON'T WORRY IF THEY DO NOT WANT TO FULLY CO-OPERATE WITH COMPLETING THE CHALLENGES. Spend time, playing, cooking, doing chores, building dens and connecting with family and friends online.  Pick the right moments to support your child with their challenges.  Remember that you can't hope to replicate the work we do in school, so don't put pressure on yourself to try.  


We hope to post a video of one of us reading a bedtime story every day, and these will go live at around 6pm.  These are proving very popular and it allows the children to see that we are thinking of them.


Please keep posting messages, photos and videos of what your child is up to on Tapestry, regardless of whether it is one of our home learning challenges.  We really are missing you all!

Please don't hesitate to email us on the emails shown below.


Best Wishes

The Reception team



Welcome to Reception home learning.


Mrs Aslett, Miss Baxer and Mrs Godfrey will be available by email  between the school hours of 9am and 3.30pm. We will try and reply on these hours on the next working day.  


Mrs Aslett -

Miss Baxter - (Mondays - Wednesdays)

Mrs Godfrey - (Wednesdays - Fridays)


In Reception our home learning will be put onto Tapestry each day.  From Monday we will be updating this "Reception News" at least daily. The teachers will be keeping in touch with you through photos and videos.  If your child was not at school to bring home the pack of resources, you can either collect the pack from the school office on Monday, 10-11 am or you can download the documents yourself and print them if you have the ability to do so. The documents are available on the school website (see below) The documents are also available on Tapestry in the "Documents" tab at the top of the screen.


One of the documents is titled "Ideas for Home Learning for Reception". This has LOTS of useful advice, suggestions, website links, etc. THIS IS JUST RECOMMENDATIONS AND IDEAS.  PLEASE DON'T FEEL THAT YOU NEED TO BE DOING EVERYTHING.


Each day, via Tapestry, we will be setting some activities for your child to do. There will be a phonics activity, and one or two other activities, linked to either maths, literacy or topic. Some of the activities might be a longer term project. As your child completes the activity, please add a comment, a photo or a video to their Tapestry account. The teachers will be checking up on these regularly. Try to do this for as many of the activities as possible.


The letter in the pack gives an explanation of how to upload comments, photos and videos. Or you can find out by looking at this blog post:  If you have any problems in doing this, please email Mrs Aslett.


This is all we are expecting of your child each day:


Phonics - 5-10 minutes 

Maths challenge - 10-15 minutes

Topic/Literacy challenge - 10-15 minutes
Reading - 5-10 minutes 


(there will be more details to follow about each of these)


Please don't worry about the "teaching" element of home learning. Your child will benefit from just spending time with you.  Play a board game, do the washing up, get involved in chores around the house, bake cakes, dance in the kitchen.  Remember that children in Reception do most of their learning through play, so PLAY, PLAY, PLAY. Also give them time alone, some screen time and ask them to tell you a story.  Don't worry if they say they are bored.  Being bored encourages imagination!


Stay safe and stay positive. We will look forward to welcoming everyone back to school as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support and our very best wishes to you all

The Reception Team


If you need any paper, pencils or another exercise book, you can collect from Reception on Mondays between 10 and 11 am


Stay safe, have fun and we’ll see you soon.


Mrs Aslett, Miss Baxter, Mrs Godfrey



Home Learning Resources pack

The following resources are available for download, but are being sent home as paper packs on Friday this week (20th March) with children who are at school. If your child is not at school on Friday you can either download and print the resources yourself or you can collect a pack from the school office on Monday morning between 10 and 11am.

The school office will remain open throughout the Easter break except for Good Friday and Easter Monday. School will remain open for children of key workers throughout the Easter break. Stay indoors - stay safe.
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