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This week we are looking at the 'Aliens love underpants story.' Aliens Love Underpants Together with your child, read the Aliens Love Underpants story by Claire Freeman and Ben Cort (Powerpoint below). Discuss what happens in the story and its features. Think more about the text and patterns – sound and rhythm. What do you notice?

Literacy 1 

Investigate and discuss the rhyming in the story. Look at the spelling patterns for each pair of rhyming words. Are they the same or different? What do you notice? (Grown-ups – remember to rhyme the words have to have ending syllables that sound the same so they may not be spelt the same i.e. key – me, do - true, lie – cry. Make a list of the rhyming pairs from the book. Can you think of your own rhyming words and write them down? Try as many as you can. Challenge: Can you write sentences using your rhyming words?

Literacy 2

Look through the book and find your favourite alien. Draw a picture of it in your book and write a detailed description of the alien and why you like it. There is an example below. Try hard to write one of your own. Use neat handwriting, capital letters and full stops. Remember to Fred Talk words you want to write and try to work independently.



I like the pink alien with swirly patterns on its body. I think it looks quite funny because it has little thunder bolt bunches of hair sticking out of its head and long, skinning arms. It has one big eye and a happy smiley mouth. I think the white and purple pants with a picture of a skull and cross bones on them are really cool.

Literacy 3

Why do aliens love underpants? Have a think about the reasons why aliens might love underpants so much. What do they want them for? What will they do with them? Think about what they do in the book. Today you are going to write about why you think aliens love underpants and what they do with them. Explain in clear sentences using capital letters and full stops. Write them down in your book or on paper.

Literacy 4

Oh dear, you’ve lost some underpants! Today you are to write a missing poster for those missing pants. Use the missing poster worksheet. Write in all the necessary information and a detailed description of your missing pants. It could be as whacky or as funny as you like. Maybe they are blue with yellow hearts or purple and white with a picture of a cat on them? Have a go and see what you can come up with. Don’t forget to draw a picture of them in the box too. Have fun!

Literacy 5

Do things go missing in your house? Have a think about what things have gone missing at home. It might be yours or something from the house itself. Now have a think and we want you to write a story which explains how they get lost. Maybe even an alien takes it! Think about the 5 parts of the story – 1. beginning (Once upon a time), 2. build up (One day), 3. problem (Unfortunately), 4. resolution (Luckily), 5. ending (Finally). Try to use this to help you plan a story and then write it in your book. Try to write independently. Remember to say the sentences before you write it, Fred Talk words you want to write, use capital letters and full stops and read over your sentences to check they make sense after you have written them.

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