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This week in literacy we are looking at prefixes and suffixes. 


A prefix is used to change the beginning of a word. We are looking at the prefix UN.


Monday: Work through the power point and shared write a sentence with words that include the prefix UN. 


Example: The house was untidy because she forgot to unplug the fan. 


Tuesday: Recap the prefix UN from yesterday. Brainstorm all the words you can think of with the prefix UN. Use the power point from yesterday to help if needed. Ask your child to then pick three of the words and write them in sentences. 


E.G unhealthy I like to eat lots of unhealthy cakes. 


Wednesday: Plurals

What is a plural - more than one 

What is singular - one. 

Work through the power point. 


The rule is: if a word ends in S sh ch x z – you have to put es, everything else is s. 


Children match the singular and plural word cards together - these can be written if you do not have a printer. 



Re-cap what is a plural - verbal discussion

Use the four  cards - match the plural with the singular. 


Use the words in sentences. 


Friday: Re-cap the learning of the week - What is a prefix? What is a suffix? What is plural? What is singular? Proof read your sentences. Make sure they have everything they need. - Full stops, capital letters, finger spaces etc. 

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