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In literacy this term we will be learning about fairy tales.

Jack and the Incredibly Mean Stalk

The story of a little boy named Jack who meets an incredibly mean stalk. Written by Gemma Cary and illustrated by Kelly Caswell. Read by Matthew Bird

Last week we wrote our innovated versions of our class story Jack and the Incredibly Mean Stalk. Children chose new characters and settings to write their own story. In class this week we will be focusing on editing and publishing our work. This means reading over our work and correcting anything or making changes to make it better. However, if you did not write your story at home last week, then your child may want to have a go at rewriting their version at home or write an entirely new version to share with us. Our class version is below. Either correct and publish onto paper or write a new one.


Activity 1: Here is our version: Once there was a bunny called Betsy. She lived in a burrow underground. One day Betsy sold her carrot for a magic acorn. Her sister was cross and threw it out. Soon it grew into a giant tree.


Now it's your child's turn to write the first part of their story. Encourage them to follow our version as a guide. 


Activity 2: In this activity we are continuing to write our story. Re-cap what your child had written from last week and the decisions they had made.


Here is our version of the second part to our story: “Fee-fi-fo-fum! I smell a stinky bunny,” said the tree. “That’s unkind,” said Betsy. The mean tree was rude and soon had no one to play with. “I want to stop being mean,” said the mean tree.


Now it's your child's turn to write the second part of the story. Encourage them to use our version as a guide.



Activity 3: In this activity we are continuing to write our fairy tale story. 


This is the final part of your child's story.


Here is our version: “I can help,” said Betsy. The mean tree became a climbing frame, a tree house and a shelter. Then they all lived happily ever after. The end.


Now it's your child's turn to write the final part of their story. 


Remember your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces and please remember your fairy tale story language. 


We can't wait to read your stories! Either send a picture or even have your child attempt to type some of it up.





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