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In maths this week we are investigating the part-part whole model. 


Activity 1: Today we are going to be looking at the part-part whole model. The whole number goes at the top E.G 5 and the parts are what numbers add together to make that number E.G 2 and 3. Complete the worksheet below to find one part of a number (the other is already provided)


Activity 2: In this activity we are going to be focusing on using the part-part whole model to make a number. Using the fish tank worksheet, pick a number to 10 and split the fish into two parts. 


Activity 3: In today's activity we would like you to use objects around your home and split them into part part whole. For example - I have a pizza that has been cut into ten slices. My whole number is 10. I am going to share my pizza with my grown up - I will have 3 slices and my grown up will have seven slices. You can draw a part-part whole model and add your findings. 


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