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In maths this week we are going to solve and answer word problems within 20. These will be a mixture of additions and subtractions. First, we need to understand what the problem is asking of us. 

Step 1

Read the problem

Step 2

What do I need to do? Add or subtract? How do I know?

Step 3

Solve the problem by using the correct equation. What method will you use to work this out?


Activity 1: Read the question together. Think about the language used. What is it asking you to find out? Underline the numbers you will need/be using and the important words i.e. how many left, how many altogether. What will your number equation be? Write the number equation and use whatever method you can to work it out and write your answer.


Subtraction methods could include: using counters, crossing out, part part whole or the number line method. Addition methods could include: using counters, part part whole or the number line method.


Answer the following questions below:


Ben has 20 chips. Sam eats 7 of them. How many are left?


Jen has 10 apples. Sid has 6. How many are there altogether? 


Activity 2:

We are learning to write numbers as words. Some number words are red words which means we can't sound them out/Fred Talk them. This means they need to be learnt by sight.


Here are the list of words. As mentioned, those that are red need to be learnt by sight.












Practice saying, reading and writing these number words to 10. Have your child look, say, cover and then write them down. This is a task that they will continuously need to do as it is important that they learn these throughout the school year.


Activity 3:

Continue to practice your child's numbers bonds to 20. - Listen to the song and join in! Then please write your number bonds to 20. 

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