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Activity 1


Comparing Number


Watch the video's


Number Gators (Greater Than, Less Than Symbols Song)

The Number Gators are hungry! This twangy, toe-tapping math song for kids helps explain the concept of the greater than and less than symbols when comparing ...

Comparing Numbers - Greater Than Less Than

Check out the NEW Math Game we made at It is a full video game called Mage Math that helps kids build confidence in math while ha...

Task - 


Pick a two digit number, pick another two digit number (alternatively, if you have a dice - throw it 2 times to get each digit).


e.g            23                   48


Complete the number sentence using   >    <     or =


e.g           23    <        48


Continue writing at least 10 number sentences.

Activity 2


Place value


Work through the example above.


Can you make 72 in a different way?     60 + 12 = 72


How many different ways can you make 72?  Write them down and draw your part part whole diagram.

Using the above site make numbers using tens and ones.



Then write how many tens and ones you can see.


e.g I can see 2 tens and 3 ones.


Use the part part whole model to write it as its parts.  


Write the number sentences 

23 = 20 + 3

23 = 3 + 20


Repeat for at least 5 numbers.


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