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Work through the power point/PDF, don't forget the pirate map for the starter ( keep this for the starter every day!)  Then work through the worksheet.


Pirate Map - Week long starter in Resources.


Try the 'blast off' interactive game.


Please try the Monday challenge.

Monday power point/PDF

Monday Maths Worksheet

Monday Challenge



Work through the power point/PDF using the pirate map from yesterday.  Then move onto Tuesday's worksheet.


Try the 'Ten Frame' interactive game.


Please try the Tuesday Challenge.

Tuesday power point/PDF

Tuesday Maths Worksheet

Tuesday Challenge



Work through the power point/PDF, don't forget the pirate map!  Work through the Wednesday worksheet.


Resources - numeral - numbers - words and quantity cards.


Interactive game may not play if you do not have unlimited access to Twinkl!  I have put 'Teddy Numbers' and 'Fruit Splat' on - these are interactive games which you do not need Twinkl for! Give them a try!

Wednesday power point/PDF

Wednesday Maths Worksheet

Wednesday Challenge




Work through the power point/PDF. Move onto the worksheet.


Feel free to access any of the interactive games at any time this week.


Try the Thursday Challenges!


Thursday power point/PDF

Thursday Maths Worksheet



Work through the power point/PDF. Have a go at the worksheet.


Try 'Chopper Squad' the 1 more 1 less (fewer) interactive game.


Try the Friday Challenge!

Friday power point/PDF

Friday Maths Worksheet

Friday Challenge

Pupil/parent/carer vehicle access 08.30am and 2.50pm; families with surnames A - G and pupils in The Glade and The Orchard 08.40am and 3.00pm; families with surnames H - O 08.50am and 3.10pm; families with surnames P - Z 09.00am and 3.20pm. Please arrive promptly at your allocated time - many thanks.
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