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Meet the staff

Meet The Ridgeway staff team.

Leadership team

Ms J Steele - Head Teacher
Miss H Wells - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs C Hackett - Assistant Head/Inclusion Manager
Mrs J Arslett - EYFS Team Leader
Mrs J Dewhirst - Key Stage 1 Team Leader
Miss R Brodley - Lower Key Stage 2 Team Leader
Mrs M Lewis  - Upper Key Stage 2 Team Leader
Miss E Mason - SENCo

Admin and support team

Ms S Ambrose - School Administrator
Mrs L Harris - School Business Manager
Mrs L Rumble - Family Worker
Mr P Hargrave - Site Controller
Mr C Bull, Sports Coach

Early years team

Mrs J Arslett - Teacher, Reception Kennet
Miss J Baxter - Teacher, Reception Loddon
Mrs E Godfrey - Teacher, Reception Loddon
Mrs H Roberts - Teacher, Nursery
Mrs K McQuilkin - Teacher, Nursery
Mrs S Lee - Early Years Practitioner
Mrs N Wysockyj -  Early Years Practitioner
Mrs S Hunt - Early Years Practitioner
Mrs T Anderson - Early Years Practitioner

Key Stage 1 Team (Years 1 and 2)

Mrs J Dewhirst - Teacher, 2 Loddon, Team Leader
Mrs E Hunter - Teacher, 2 Kennet
Miss C King - Teacher, 1 Loddon
Miss K Markey - Teacher, 1 /2 Thames
Mrs D Wire - HLTA
Mrs M Ali - Teaching Assistant
Miss E Wilson-Hayes - Teaching Assistant
Mrs M-J Binfield - SEND Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Sandaharas - SEND Teaching Assistant

Lower Key Stage 2 Team (Years 3 and 4)

Miss R Brodley - Teacher, 4 Loddon, Team Leader
Miss M Greenaway - Teacher, 4 Kennet
Miss H Ahmed - Teacher, 3 Loddon
Mrs F Stewart - HLTA
Mrs L Chivers - Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Smith - Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Thakur - Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Lock - SEND Teaching Assistant
Mr J Farrell - SEND Teaching Assistant

Upper Key Stage 2 Team

Mrs M Lewis - Teacher, 6 Kennet, Team Leader
Mrs Y John - Teacher, 6 Loddon
Miss H Wells - Teacher, 6 Loddon, Deputy Head
Mr T Currell - Teacher, 5 Kennet
Mrs E Jackson - Teacher, 5 Loddon
Mrs C Hackett - Teacher, 5 Loddon, Assistant Head
Mrs N O' Gorman - HLTA
Mrs S Munday - Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Derry - Teaching Assistant
Miss C Cridland - SEND Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Ralph - SEND Teaching Assistant

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs N O'Gorman -  HLTA
Mrs J Frost - HLTA
Mrs J Hunt - ELSA
Mrs D Wire - HLTA
Mrs F Stewart - HLTA

Emu Club

Miss M Miles - EMU Supervisor
Mrs T Martin - EMU Assistant
Pupil/parent/carer vehicle access 08.30am and 2.50pm; families with surnames A - G and pupils in The Glade and The Orchard 08.40am and 3.00pm; families with surnames H - O 08.50am and 3.10pm; families with surnames P - Z 09.00am and 3.20pm. Please arrive promptly at your allocated time - many thanks.
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