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Monday 11.1.21

LO - To compare and classify 2D Shapes.


In this lesson, you will be revising the names of different types of 2D shapes. We will be looking at what these shapes have in common with each other and what makes them different. We will learn the difference between regular and irregular shapes and use correct mathematical language to discuss their features. We will also use prior knowledge about types of angles to help describe the properties of a shape.


Today we are going to base our learning on the properties of shapes and what makes one shape different from another. I would like you to watch the video while we learn today and pause it at different points so that you can answer the questions as we go. 


Here is the link - 

If you would rather work from the slides here is the slides you will need for today.


Here is the workbook you need to complete. 

You can print it off and complete or complete the answers in your maths book. 

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