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Water Mark

Monday 22.2.21


A point on a grid has two numbers to identify its position. These numbers are known as coordinates.

Coordinates are always written as the number of steps across first, then the number of steps up or down.

Grids have two axes. The horizontal axis is called the x-axis and the vertical axis is called the y-axis. These axes can be used to find a point on a grid.



Watch this clip below and have a go at the quiz - 

Today you will be exploring co-ordinates and reminding yourself what they are and how we use them. The clip above has a video to watch as well as a set of activities for you to work through. When you have done all the activities there is also a quiz for you to have a go at.


Once you have done that you can have a go at the games found by following this link. There are a few to choose from.


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