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Water Mark

Monday 4.7.21



Today we are going to talk about what this means and how we can use it to add interest and impact when describing objects. Watch the clip below. 

Activity 1


First make a list of 10 actions verbs that describe things that humans do – an examples if the word ‘shout’

Next, take a look around the room and write down 10 objects that you see.

I have attached a grid here as a word document that you can fill out.

Now look at your two lists and find funny or interesting ways to combine the objects and the verbs. For example, you might come up with “pencil laughing” or “sandwich whispers.”

Use the word combinations to create some interesting sentences about each object. For example: “My ham sandwich whispers loudly that it hates being wrapped in cling film.” Write as many combinations as you can.

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