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Once you have read a book, remember to send a book review to our year group email. House points will be given for every book review we get. Help your team get the most points!

Book Reviews

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Santa's Underwear

My favourite part of this book is when the reindeer crew make Santa new undies.

My least favourite part in this book is when Santa goes to his clock with only underwear on.

By Leighton H.

Picture 1

Christopher Columbus

I found this book on EPIC! There are lots of books about explorers and I didn't know much about Christopher Columbus, so I decided to read it. Did you know Christopher Columbus was originally from Italy? I enjoyed this book as I learnt lots of fact and the pictures were very well done.


By Mrs Jackson

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1

Dairy of a wimpy kid




This is a hilarious book. It tells mini stories of Greg Hefly and his brother.


I laughed my head off. It was a good book to read specially during this time when I have stay indoors. It was a good entertainment.


Overall, this is a brilliant book which I enjoyed reading.


Rate: 5stars


Fnieder - Y5L (House- Earth🌎)

Sharks by Anne Schreiber

Sharks by Anne Schreiber 1

BOOK: Sharks

AUTHOR: Anne Schreiber


This book explains about vicious, calm & scary sharks. It also tells about their habitats & behaviours.


This book is full of shark facts. I enjoyed reading it & prepared a quiz out of it for my family.


By FNIEDER - Y5L (House - Earth🌎)

The school office will remain open throughout the Easter break except for Good Friday and Easter Monday. School will remain open for children of key workers throughout the Easter break. Stay indoors - stay safe.
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