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Shout Out

Week 2 Jake has tried hard with his maths and his picture is so colourful

Week 2-Teddy-Jay has been marvellous at maths

Week 2 Hareem looks happy

Week 2 Jayda is forging ahead

Week 2- There is no stopping Louis

Week 2 Mohamed is off to a great start

Week 2- Jacob has been out and about

Week 2- Harvey has been so busy!

Week 2-Izabela has been watching Miss King and writing beautifully

Week 2- Latoya is in a Princess Jasmine mood and producing very colourful home-learning. Excellent work

Week 2-George has been creative

Week 2 Isla is starting the week dressed as Belle

Week 2 -Taylor -Mae is diving right in, a wonderful start to the week.

Week 2 Ella has been busy today

Week 2 Ayra is doing a fantastic job

Taylor-Mae-great work ,keep it up!

Hareem has been busy with maths and science

Ellla -“I'm dressed as Rapunzel from Tangled. You would find her in a tall, tall tower. I learnt about this story a while ago, I have heard the story and watched the film. She is my favourite because she has long hair and a beautiful dress. I like that she is brave. “

Ella is getting stuck in to her maths!

Still image for this video

Mohamed has been busy- good work!

Super work Louis- with very neat handwriting. Well done

Well done Jayda for completing all of this work beautifully

Isla has been sorting objects and writing sentences about them. Incredible work Isla.

Izabela has done a fantastic job with her home learning! She has done all of her tasks for Monday and more! We are all so proud of you Izabela, keep up the great work!

Isabella-Rose has blasted of with her space maths today! She has used the crossing out technique to complete the subtraction number sentences! Great job!

Jake has been working so hard at home today! He has completed his phonics and practiced his letters. He has completed his maths and used his Lego to help him subtract and he has even created a story map! I am so impressed Jake. Well Done!

George has been very busy with his phonics and reading today. Great job George! Keep up the good work!

Ella has been working so hard today! She has completed her maths and phonics work. We are so proud of you Ella - Keep it up!

Zak has blown my socks off today! Look at his lovely handwriting and maths work - we are so proud of you!

Ayra has been soooo busy today. She has practiced her phonics and also completed her maths work. She has sent the Year 1 team some lovely videos of her learning!

Isla has worked super hard! She has completed her phonics, maths, literacy and science. She has done a fab job! Look at her lovely story map!

Jacob B has extended his learning this week. He finished his maths task and then completed even more maths - he played 'What's the time Mr wolf!' We are very impressed

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