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'Shout outs!'

Catching up with year 1

Amazing year 1 work

Matteo and his super fruit and vegetables

Bu has created super veg! Awesome!

Bu's Super Veg
What a lot of different fruit & veg you know!

Cassia has produced some lovely work

Sofia's art in the style of Andy Warhol

One more from Elodie's wildlife cam

Still image for this video

More from Elodie's wildlife cam

Still image for this video

Look what Elodie found when she watched her wildlife camera from her garden

Still image for this video

Autumn and her supertato

Look at Talia's beautiful handwriting!

Millie has been studying very hard

Adyuth has checked his sandwich making instructions work!

Sofia has a nice surprise for her Dad.

Matteo has been very creative

Ivo Luiz has been busy designing and drawing

And so has his Mum!

Jack has been channelling Vincent Van Gogh with this amazing artwork

Talia has finished her calendar very neatly

Daisy's potato is very well dressed

We like Scarlett's potato with his googly eyes

Sofia made an amazing fruit salad

Jack has had fun creating his own Supertato and his big sister enjoyed it too!

Bu has created her own Supertato. Very cute!

Sofia has created her own home calendar. Beautiful!

Mahnoor has created her own Supertato ! Amazing!

Sofia has recreated Van Gogh's sunflowers beautifully. The first picture shows the painting her mummy did as a little girl alongside Sofia's version. What a lovely family story.

Bu has been doing some fantastic colour mixing. We all love her Kandinsky.

Another amazing Superworm from Adyuth. How cute!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Darcie. We hope you have a lovely day!

Ivo Luiz has made his own Superworm. Amazing!!

Oscar has been doing some lovely writing at home.

Ivo Liz has been super busy!

Talia I has written a fantastic description of the Evil Lizard. We like the way she separated her adjectives using a comma!

Kenny has been doing some fantastic writing about the Evil Lizard and some super maths work.

Matteo has written some lovely messages to the hedgehogs.

Ivo Luiz has been creating more lovely art work.

Bu has had great fun creating her own sock worm . I wonder if it will go on any adventures?

Kirani has been looking after his strawberry plants very well.

Fantastic Superworm writing by Kenny! A fantastic picture too!

Sofia has been doing lots of lovely things- Kandinsky art, drawing lines with her ruler etc.

Matteo has had great fun designing and making his very own hedgehog house. It looks amazing!

Autumn has been finding out all about hedgehogs.

Congratulations to Lily who has learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers. Well done!

Happy 6th birthday to Matteo. We are loving the cake!

Ivo Luiz has also enjoyed creating some Picasso art. Fantastic!

Adyuth has created some lovely art work in the style of Picasso.

Super hedgehog art and hedgehog facts from Sofia.

Scarlett made a fantastic clock face with help from her little sister!

Jack and his mummy have been having lots of fun making hedgehogs and designing hedgehog houses.

Sofia and Ayden made a dog friendly birthday cake for their Sky their dog. It looks amazing!

Ria has created some fantastic art work in the style of Picasso . She has also made an amazing hedgehog house.

Lily's tomato plants are doing very well and are getting bigger each day! She is also looking forward to putting her hedgehog house somewhere in her garden.

Jack and his mummy have both had a go at drawing/painting in the style of Picasso!

Ivo Luiz has found out lots of facts about hedgehogs. Beautifully presented work!

Sofia has been having fun making bubble snakes using an old plastic bottle with a sock wrapped around the end.

Talia has really been enjoying her timed activities at home. She has found it lots of fun!!

Jack has managed to get his eggs to hatch into caterpillars which then turned into these beautiful butterflies. He released them on his birthday. What a special thing to do.

Talia has worked hard to sort the noun pictures.

Darcie has persevered and learnt how to ride her bike! Clever girl.

Still image for this video

A big , happy 6th Birthday to Jack.

Sofia has enjoyed learning about the artist Picasso and has created some artwork in his style. We think its fabulous!

Richard has had a lot of fun with his maths and timed activities .

Ria has created an amzing poster to help save the hedgehogs!

Good Afternoon,


Eid for us this year was very different to our usual celebrations. Traditionally, the men of the house will go to say the Eid prayer in the morning. On their return, we then open presents, before going to visit family and having a feast of food, which is made up of different curries and rice dishes.


This Year, due to lockdown, we all said the Eid Prayer together at home. We then prepared the food for the day which consisted of traditional party food. Sandwiches, cocktail sausages, cheese and pineapple on sticks etc. Sofia and Ayden preferred this, as they do not eat curry or anything with a bit of spice to it!


After this we were able to do presents. Instead of having to rush off out after, it was nice to be able to relax and home, so that Sofia and Ayden could play with their new toys.


Sofia also had some mendi put onto her hands and foot. This is another Eid tradition that Sofia always looks forward too!


Kind Regards,


Nicola Sadiq

Sofia's Eid pictures.

Planting a chilli seed!

Sofia enjoyed the space topic and has produced some amazing art and DT. Well Done! Looks good enough to go to space in!

Another fun packed Friday in the Sadiq household!

Ivo Luiz has made some super binoculars and has used them to look at the birds in a tree near where he lives!

Talia was busy before half term!!

Jack has created the most amazing Hama bead solar system. This is just AMAZING!

Sid has been doing some fantastic maths and English. Great stuff Sid!

Ivo Luiz has been doing some fantastic work on space.

Lily made this amazing cake for all the teachers that have been looking after her in school. A big thank you Lily !!

Super Literacy work Leon. Well done!

Sofia has designed a beautiful unicorn planter. I love the way she has written the instructions too!

EPIC Reading 1L. Well Done!

EPIC Reading 1K . Well Done!

EPIC Reading 1/2 Thames - Well Done!

Houston we have blast off!!!!!

Still image for this video

Amazing rocket and counting hands Sofia! Well Done!

Talia has completed lots of work and is really enjoying her phonics!

Kirani has been busy. Well Done !!!

Aduyth wanted to send a video to Mrs Herdman.

Still image for this video

Jack has created his very own star catcher called The Clever Machine for Stars. He's even considering making is for real. Good luck, Jack...and Mum! :)

Look at Libi and all her brilliant maths learning! Keep up the awesome work, Libi! Well done.

Cassia has done some super writing. Well done Cassia.

Leon has done some fantastic story writing. Well done Leon!

Kieron has been copying out the days of the week and doing some super sticking too!

Matteo has done some fantastic writing this week. We like the way he has chosen different sentence starters for his sentences.

Sofia and her little brother Ayden made a cake shop. They added lists and labels too. The cakes and biscuits could only be bought using buttons . What a lovely idea!

We like the way Kirani has lots of resources around him to help with his calculations. Great job!

We like the way Talia wrote the number sentence for each word problem and then her answer.

Any ideas who this is?

Autumn typed up an amazing story about a lost unicorn.

Jack went on his scavenger hunt yesterday and here's what he found. Look at those lovely pressed flowers. They even saw Ms Steele out and about too! If you spot any of us out on our daily walk, please say hello (from a safe distance) as we miss you all so much.

The massive smile on our little astronaut Scarlett is making us so happy! This space helmet it awesome, Scarlett! Teddy looks like he's loving it too. Yay!

Kirani has been busy counting all those groups in maths. He seems to be loving multiplication!

Jackson has explained his favourite and least favourite parts of the Beegu story really well. He's working so hard on his handwriting and we are all so proud of you Jackson. Well done!

Jack has been doing so much that Mrs Doswell is losing track! Here's some of his work over the last week. How brilliant is his letter to owl? He's used fantastic punctuation and conjunctions to extend his sentences. You should be very proud Jack. Super work!

Well Millie has been very busy with all her maths, literacy and topic work. She's doing great with her home learning. I love the bird feeder but your Beegu work is my favourite. The teacher IS mean to Beegu! I was happy at the end when she got to go home with her Mum too though. Great work, Millie!

Talia loves the alien with the funny ears and thinks it's weird it has 3 fingers and toes! Who wouldn't?!! Such a great description, Talia. Well done.

Look at this awesome colourful rocket and starry sky that Scarlett has created. It is brilliant!

Oscar has been working hard on sequencing parts of the Beegu story and labelling parts of a plant. More importantly though...Oscar has lost his first tooth! Congratulations, Oscar!!!

Spencer, what a great speech bubble. Thankfully Beegu did meet some nice children friends in the end. Well done!

What a fantastic poster Aiden ! We will keep an eye out for these pants !

Ria has created the most amazing planet. Super effort Ria.

Autumn has been busy and ...SHE HAS LOST A TOOTH! Look at that smile!

Wow! Cannot say any more - another fun packed day with Sofia.

Aiden (1K) appears to really understand the story of Beegu. He sees how misunderstood and sad Beegu is. Poor thing! But look at this maths, maths and more maths from Aiden! He is doing so well at multiplication and counting in groups independently. Well done, Aiden! You are doing BRILLIANTLY!!!

Amazing rocket Lily, I wonder where you could go in it !?!?

Some Fab maths from Talia I!

Ivo Luiz has been doing some detective work!

Well done to Jackson for working so hard on his literacy and plant work. He is trying so hard with his handwriting. Very well done, Jackson! Keep up the great work.

Sofia has had lots of fun making her space helmet and planet cookies!

Adyuth helping to fix the lawnmower! Great DIY skills.

Ivo Luiz has spent a lot of time making his planet. Fantastic effort!!

More amazing baking!!

Ria had lots of fun looking for different plants and flowers.

Matteo had lots of fun celebrating VE day !

Doesn't Spencer look fantastic?!! He is wearing his Grandad's RAF cap. Happy VE Day!

Talia has made a super space background.

Matteo has sent in some fantastic writing. What a super star!

Ria has written some fantastic sentences . We are so proud of you Ria!

Matteo has been planting seeds and looking for different plants at the park.

Mahnoor has been baking delicious cookies.

Richard has been working so hard on his letter formations. This handwriting is just beautiful.

We are just loving Planet Sparkle !!

Daisy has some amazing news for everyone! She is now a big sister! Congratulations - Baby Oliver is lovely!

Lovely pictures and labelling of the parts of a plant ! Well Done Sofia!!!

Kenny has been working hard completing his Phonics and Literacy this week!

Ivo Luiz has been working really hard again this week - Excellent Maths and Science and Literacy work!

Even though Darcie dislikes writing she has been working really hard with her Mummy to complete her work! Great job Darcie.

Jack has really thought about the Beegu story and written some great sentences explaining his favourite and least favourite parts of the story. Great job, Jack.

Hazel has been doing brilliantly at counting in groups. She has some really great maths work here. Keep up the hard work, Hazel. Well done.

Aiden (1K) has been flying though his maths. We've added this week's work alongise last week's. He just loves number work. Awesome job! Well done, Aiden.

Ria has made the most amazing bird feeders and her space station looks so realistic.

Brooklyn has been doing an amazing job with his home learning! Look at his brilliant space helmet!

Oscar has been practicing his handwriting lots this week! Hes also been reading every day and completing his home learning! Great work Oscar!

Jack has been working hard again this week! He has been planting seeds with his sister - Great work Jack.

Look at Anas' invention for Baby Bear - The Picker!

Still image for this video

Look at all this fabulous work James has been up to! James you have blown my socks off! Well done and keep up the amazing work!

We love the way Aiden has presented his 2-D and 3-D shapes.

Kirani has finished his strawberry planter and it looks fantastic! What a great team effort.

Another busy day in Sofia's house, Well done!

As you can see, Aiden (1K) has been learning lots about plants. He's even growing his own chilli plants from seeds leftover from his mum's cooking. Apparently Aiden doesn't even like hot food so maybe he can give them back to Mum when they're fully grown??

Matteo has been working so hard on his writing. He has even managed to use a question mark and an exclamation mark . Well done!!

This is Prime the astronaut. He went to the planet Saturn and met some little aliens. Can you see the eyes on top of their heads? Not only has Spencer been creating these awesome pictures, he's also made this super space rocket.

Kaelan has made a brilliant space suit and space station for his little monkey friend. It's so realistic. Look at all those buttons! He's also learning to tell the time, is practicing to count in 5s and 10s and is growing and measuring plants. Phew!

Jack has been making a space suit for his friend Elephant with the help of his sister. We love it! All this 'Whatever Next' work is marvelous too. There's a picnic list, a postcard to Mummy Bear and ideas of what Baby Bear could do on the moon. On top of that there's Jack's phonics and maths work too!! Jack, you are working so hard at home. We are so proud of you.

There is just no stopping Aiden (1K) and all of his learning. He is loving the maths and is getting on so well with it. Just have a look! His writing is brilliant too. He has used such neat handwriting and has answered using full sentences with capital letters and full stops. Wow, very well done, Aiden!

Brooklyn, has planted some seeds. Let's wait and see what happens. Exciting! He's been doing his maths shape work and reading online too. Great job, Brooklyn.

Emilia has been busy with lots of shape work, recount writing and has even made a mini planet Earth to go with her fabulous space rocket. Wow! Great work, Emilia.

Look at this super glittery spaceship made by Kaelan. He's even made a lovely cosy birds nest too. Excellent work, Kaelan. Well done!

Marcus has made a HUGE rocket with the help of his brother and look at all that amazing shape work too. Keep up the hard work, Marcus.

Super smiley Tayla with her fantastic Literacy work - Look at how yummy her picnic looks!

Ivo Luiz has been working really hard again this week! Look at this fantastic Maths and Literacy work!

Talia I has been blowing our socks off with all her amazing maths work! Her independent writing and her science experiment. Fantastic work!

Daisy has made an amazing postcard from Baby Bear - Love the design!

Lily has designed and made Planet Rainbow which was inspired by the story The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet!

Sofia has done an AMAZING job making different bird feeders. She also thought carefully about the design of her bird houses.

Matteo has been doing some lovely writing aswell as having fun in the garden. Well done !

Lily sent this amazing picture yesterday. It's just amazing!

Aiden has been busy making some Sonic binoculars and is trying to grow some garlic too! Super work Aiden!

Kieron has used his lego to help him count in 2's. What a fun way to count in 2's !

An amazing picture and list for Ivo Luiz picnic!

Darcie has drawn a lovely picture to accompany her picnic list!

Adyuth has drawn an lovely picture for the parts of a plant and makes an amazing teacher!!

Still image for this video

Talia has made the most realistic space helmet! This is fantastic!

Some amazing art and DT work from Mahnoor.... Well done!!

Back to phonics!! Well done Kirani, great concentration!

Hazel made her own book over Easter. It is all about going to the seaside. We're all very much looking forward to being able to go to the beach again. You're book and lovely writing really cheered us up.

Kieron has been typing up his answers on his laptop! Super typing!

Kirani has been having lots of fun building in his garden. This looks great Kirani!

Elodie has been doing some lovely work with plants. She picked flowers to put in her press. She also looked at the different parts of plants and flowers and made a list of birds that she spotted in the garden. We love your star galaxy made on your computer and the little cat friend you made over Easter. Your siblings seem to like it too! Great phonics work. Keep going with all that awesome learning at home.

Well done Joey! Joey has been very busy this week!

What a fabulous Easter recount, Jack. Great punctuation and neat handwriting. We love your bird sheet and maths work too. You really are getting on well at home school. Very well done!

Spencer has been working so hard on all of his maths. Such great 3D shape work! Look at all that letter and handwriting work too. Keep it up!

Aiden really is our little astronaut this week. He has well and truly gotten stuck into the space topic! He's made a space rocket with help from all the family, created his own planet 'Tangle', written like an astronaut upside down and made a list of equipment for when he heads off to space. Awesome work, Aiden!

Some great shapes work in Maths, Brooklyn. What a fabulous seagull drawing too! Very well done.

What a fantastic bird feeder! Spencer has been busy doing looks of science work at home. He's made binoculars, used his bird book to go bird spotting in the garden, drawn which ones he saw and then even started a planting activity!! He and his Mum are having a race to see whose plant grows the fastest and biggest. Good luck Spencer. We hope you do well.

School is open for pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, and for vulnerable pupils in all year groups and children of keyworkers. If you are a keyworker and would like a place in school for your child please speak to the school office.
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