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Thursday 11.2.21 - Live Lesson


Persuasive Writing – Live Lesson


Now that George has made the medicine this could be a chance for him to make lots of money from it if it really is a magical, marvellous medicine.

Maybe he could sell it to other farmers? To do that he would need to advertise it. Today we are going to talk a lot about how he might go about persuading the farmers to buy it. We are going to plan a poster for George to send out to the other farms, advertising the medicine and telling them why they MUST buy it.

Watch this clip to learn more about persuasive language techniques –

Persuasive text often includes:

  • repeated words
  • alliterative words
  • emotional language
  • a strong argument
  • rhetorical questions
  • colourful and eye-catching fonts / capitalised words
  • humour


We are going to start by planning what we need to include in our poster that you are going to design tomorrow. We will spend the lesson today discussing persuasive writing and then you are going to have a think about your own medicine ready to make your poster tomorrow. We will discuss this all on the ‘Live Lesson’ but the slides and everything you will need can be found below.

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