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Thursday 21.1.21

Time - Day 4

Today is our second 'Live' maths lesson this week and we will be talking more about how we tell the time and how we use the clock to help us.


Start by watching this song - 

Use the clock that you made on Tuesday and have a go at making more times again for someone else in your house to try and guess.

You can watch the videos again from earlier in the week if they help you ahead of today's lesson.

Please come to the live lesson with you clock that you have made and a pen/pencil and your book/paper. 


Today we are going to talk about how we use time in our everyday lives.

How we use time to organise ourselves and set out a routine.

Think about what routines you have?


Think about the this timetable.




What does your week look like (when we are at school, etc) 

We are going to think about this and add times that we know - the first I might add is 12.15pm is lunchtime smiley 

You will need your clocks as we are going to show the times we do different things on our clocks. 


Today after our live lesson I would like you to complete some of the activities below. This will check what you have learnt this week and see if you are able to tell the times that are on the sheets as well as make new times. 


There is also a time challenge with some time problems if you would like to have a go. This is where you need to record your timetable that we discussed in the live lesson and I have set you up a template to do this. 

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