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Thursday 25.2.21

Thursday 25.2.21

Chapter 3 – The Snatch

Sophie knows she has been spotted by ‘The Who’ who is outside in the dark street. She runs back to her bed and hides under the covers…..

Using the crystal ball template which you will find on the document section below or draw your own I want you to predict what is going to happen next.

  • Is Sophie going to run and get help?
  • Is one of the other girls in the bedroom going to wake up and wonder what is going on?
  • Is the enormous figure outside going to do something?


Read the extract below from Chapter 3 – ‘The Snatch’.

How would you feel if you were Sophie? What is going to happen now? How do you know?


Read the rest of the chapter from the extract in the online version or in your book. 

Tasks for this lesson:

Task 1 - Answer the questions you will find on the Reading Task Document. 

Task 2 – Looking at the image above I would like you to imagine you are Sophie. There is a template for this activity below. You are going to think about adding Thought bubbles to the image to show how you would be feeling at this point in the story.

Think about any questions she might be thinking?

Think about how she might be feeling?

Add the thought bubbles to the image.


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