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Thursday 25.2.21

Thursday 25.2.21 Instructions


LO – To describe position – Day 4 – LIVE LESSON

Before the lesson if you have time have a go at this game to review the learning from yesterday -


Today we will be exploring maps using co-ordinates and we will also be discussing compass points as part of this.

Watch this clip to find out about compass points –

Today we are going to be looking at direction and position using some of the characters from the book – The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

We will be completing a lot of the work on the LIVE LESSON at 10.30 but if for any reason you have difficulty getting on I have put the slides that you will need to look at on our web page.

We will be looking at some maps together and answering questions and then for your independent task you will be making your own map and then asking some of your own questions from it.

You will be creating your own map using this grid –

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