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Thursday 7.1.21


Dragon - Personification Poetry Day 4


Today we will be using the dragon that you started to describe yesterday. Make sure you have it in front of you ready to look at. 

Look at the words you came up with yesterday as we are going to be using them. 

We are going to start planning our own dragon poem today and we are going to base the structure on the one we have already read. Here it is again for you to read and look at the structure. 



Look at each verse and how the poet has described the dragon. They have followed a set pattern for each dragon. 



Look now at your own dragon. 

How would your dragon move? How would it sound? What does it look like and what sort of things does it do?


You could also add other ideas such as:



Think about the gender pronoun you will use as this will need to be the same throughout the poem.


Right lets get planning. First think about what it is you are personifying. 

Is it the wind? Stars? Moon? Mountain? - Put this as your title.


Next I want you to complete this:


Come up with as many ideas as you can and pop them in your book, piece of paper or type them on computer. 

Think about your element - wind, star, earth, etc.


Now have a look at this template below and fill in as much as you can. I have also attached this as a document so you can print it off if it is easier.


Last thing to think about. In the original poem there were rhyming pairs at the end of the first 3 lines and then at the end of the 3rd and 4th line. 




This will help you for tomorrow so try and get as much in your grid today at the planning stage. 




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