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This week in art/DT we are going to be designing our very own Olympic torch. Show the children previous examples of Olympic torches. Then allow them to design their own torch on a piece of paper. What shapes are you going to use and why? What colours are you going to use?  Please make sure you label your design so we know what you need to create your torch. 


Show children the Cheerleading routine:  Have you ever seen this before? What are they doing? Why are they cheerleading? What did you like about it? Explain that cheerleaders also have a cheer – show video of the class cheer. Cheer: Explain to the children that we are going to create our own class cheer. 2,4,6,8 who do we appreciate – you, we think it’s you. 2,4,6,8 who’s the one we think is great – you, we think it’s you. We think your kind… we think your caring... we think your better than sugar candy… We think your top notch. a ok... sunshine on a rainy day... you... we think it’s you... HEY!


Children log onto the computer/tablet. Children open Microsoft word (or another writing programme) – modelled by a grown up. Children then write their name. Grown up  then models how to change the font. Showing the children which button they have to press. Can the children change their name to three different fonts?



Look at a history of the modern Olympic games.


Complete the Olympic Rings.




We are looking at parts of the body.  What parts of the body can you name?


Look at Muscles and play BBC Bite Size.


Look at the Heart.


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