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Topic/Science Projects

Above you will find details on our final topic of the year. We are going to create and fill a time capsule! Read the first document which will give you background information about the project and then there are some additional sheets for some of the tasks. Don't forget to email us to let us know how you are getting on with the project.

Summer Term Geography Topic

We are excited to announce our new topic for the Summer Term. It is called 'Creators and Destroyers'. Based on this title, what do you think it will be about?


Each week a new lesson will appear below for you to complete. Don't forget to email in your completed work!


Lesson 3

Begin by looking at the lesson presentation and then watch the video on the BBC Bitesize link below. 

Your task this week is to think about the reasons people might live near volcanoes. You need to sort the cards into 2 piles, one with reasons for living near volcanoes and one for reasons against living near volcanoes. Discuss this with a partner.

Lesson 2

Begin by looking at the lesson presentation, then follow the web links to see a volcano at Eyjafjallajoekull in southern Iceland erupting in 2010 and a video showing Thingvellir National Park in western Iceland.

When you have done this, use the lesson presentation t\o help you complete one of the activity sheets. 

Thingvellir ( ├×ingvellir ) National Park in western Iceland from drone

Lesson 1

Begin by looking at the document, then follow the web link to BBC Bitesize where there is a short video to watch. When you have done both, complete the 'Inside Earth' activity sheet. There is also an optional make a model earth activity you may want to try.

Each week a new Science investigation will be added to this page. 

The tree study is a long term study and should be completed over the coming weeks. 

Don't forget to email us your results and findings!

School is open for pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, and for vulnerable pupils in all year groups and children of keyworkers. If you are a keyworker and would like a place in school for your child please speak to the school office.
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