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Tuesday 5.1.21

Personification Poetry


Look back at the work from yesterday. What does personification mean? How do we use it in our writing?


Starter activity

As a starter and a review from yesterday look back at your sentences you wrote for your objects. What verbs did you choose to describe your object.

Pick one of your objects and we are going to write a short personification poem to describe it. 

Here is one I wrote about sandwiches.


The Sandwich

Alone I sit in the bottom of the bag,

Waiting to be eaten by a welcoming mouth.

Wrapped up warm in my plastic sleeping bag.

 I whisper to the apple and yoghurt,

"Is it nearly lunchtime?"


Can you highlight the verbs I have used in this poem which show personification?


Have a go at one of your own. 

Read the poem below and have a look at the way in which each dragon is described. Can you find any examples of personification? Highlight or underline them. 
Become a Poem Detective and complete the sheet below.
Look at the rhyming words you have found and pair them up. Can you add anymore to each list in your book?
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