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Tuesday 9.2.21

Tuesday 9th February 2021


Chapter 5 - 'The Cook Up'




We are going to read Chapter 5 today. It isn’t a very long chapter but it is about George mixing up and cooking the medicine.  There is a little poem at the end of the chapter which we will look at and then work on something called ‘Onomatopoeia’ – this is when you choose a word that sounds like the action you are describing – such as sizzle, clunk, smash.


Watch this clip to explain it more - 


We are going to be looking at this part of Chapter 5 today (p.34) in the book.

All the instructions for today can be found below and any templates that you need. There is also the online book again for you to find p.34 and read the poem. 


I have written you a poem to give you some ideas of what you could write today:


Rik Mayall - Jackanory - George's Marvellous Medicine, Part 2/5

Watch the last part of this clip again to see George Mixing up the medicine and the poem that we will be looking at today.

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