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Useful Links

If you are a parent or carer, we hope you will find the web links below useful.

Online Safety Advice for Parents

Phonics - Read Write Inc

We currently teach phonics in Reception and Key Stage 1 using the "Read Write Inc" programme.  You can find more information by clicking on the link below.

Set 1 sounds flash cards - feel free to print off and cut up to make flash cards to help your child learn their sounds

Download and print off this sheet and cut up each card to make a set of flashcards.  Practise with your child to call out the letter sound (not the name) as quickly as they can.  eg "s" is sssssss as in "snake".  "b" is b-b-b as in boot.

When they are familiar with the sounds and can recall them quickly, we use them to begin to read words.  Try using them to form these words and encourage your child to point to each sound and "Fred talk", then read the word, eg c-a-t ......"cat".


Also use them to help your child to spell a word.  Give them a word to spell and encourage them to repeat the word,then "pinch each sound" on their fingers.  eg say "pot",  Child says "p-o-t". They can then find the corresponding letters to spell the word.

It is importanat to ensure that children form their letters correctly, starting and finishing in the correct place and going around circular letters (c, o ,a, g, d, q) in an anti-clockwise direction.

To help children remember how to write each letter, we teach them a picture associated with the letter, and a phrase to help them remember the formation eg for "a" the picture is an apple and the phrase is "round the apple and down the leaf".

Alphabet letter formation sheet

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