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Reading and phonics


You should aim to read for at least 20 minutes a day. Below are links to some ebooks that you can read along with any books you have at home. When you have read a book, complete a book review and email it to us. For every book review received, we will award you a housepoint. We will update housepoints awarded every Friday on our Home Learning Homepage!

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Below you will find resources for pupils who are receiving daily phonics sessions. Each group has a set of reading word sheets based on the group that they are in. The there are resources for the Set 2 and Set 3 sounds. Pupils in Mrs Chivers' group should start with the Set 2 Sounds and when confident with these should move onto the Set 3 Sounds. Pupils in Mrs Thakur and Mr Farrell's groups should focus on the Set 3 Sounds. 


On the Oxford Owl website, you can access some ebooks in the Read White Inc section. These match the work that is being carried out in the phonics groups. When you open the reading word sheet for your child, you will see the colour book that goes with their group. Any questions on this, please email us!

Above you will find the phonics work for this week. Please take time to read the Parent Guide for Summer 2 document below if you have not already done so. 

Remember: if you have been accessing the phonics regularly online then your child should now be ready to move up to the next colour group. This may involve beginning to watch a different set of speed sound videos but this is not always the case. If you have not been accessing the videos regularly or your child is finding the new level tricky then repeat the previous colour.

Mrs Chivers - Pink Group moving onto Orange.

Mrs Thakur - Yellow Group moving onto Blue.

Mr Farrell - Blue Group moving onto Grey.


Any questions, please email us on the Year 3 contact email address.

Above you will find phonics work for this week. There is a guide that should be read first and then a PowerPoint presentation for each group - choose the one that your child is in.

Mrs Chivers - Pink Group

Mrs Thakur - Yellow Group

Mr Farrell - Blue Group


Any problems, please email us!

School is open for pupils in Year 6, for children of keyworkers and for some more vulnerable children. If your child is in one of these groups and you would like a place in school for your child please contact the school office by email or telephone. School will be closed from 1.15pm every Friday.
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