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Water Mark

w/b 14th June



Day 1

Mr Hargrave has left us all a gift and a letter in school. Please read the attached letter from him. 

Unfortunately you are learning from home at the moment but you can still get involved in all of the paper airplane fun. Look at the attached instructions of how to make a paper airplane. Use this to design and make your own paper airplane at home. Please make airplane number 1 The Simple 'n' Speedy version first. There are some challenge instructions included too. Use these afterwards to attempt to make even more complicated airplanes if you can. Please test out your paper airplanes at home and send us photos of your finished paper plane. We can't wait to see them. Good luck and have fun!

Paper airplane instructions

Day 2

Today you are going to write an invitation to someone in your family. You are going to invite them to come and watch or join in with a paper airplane competition at home. Use the template to create and write your own invitation. You could always invite someone who is not in your household to join you via a video call with the help of an adult. They could then watch that way. You could write the invitation, take a photo of it and send it to them. Please send a photo of the invite through to us here on the Year 2 learning email so we can see it too.


The important details to include are:


What is it?

A paper airplane competition



Where will you hold the competition - lounge, garden, bedroom?



Wednesday 16th June 2021



You choose a time that suits you


Day 3


Goal: To write a set of instructions

Write instructions to tell someone else how to create a paper aeroplane. 

Remember to include subheadings for the 'what you need' and 'what to do' sections and any top tips that you have. Then give the instructions for someone else to follow to create their own plane to join you in your competition.





Watch the reading of the story 'The Great Paper Caper' then complete the book review.

The Great Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers

Watch the story from yesterday again. Discuss things that you like and dislike about the story. Think about new words that you have heard in the story. Record the new words that you have heard in the story and record their meaning. Think about whether the story reminds you of something that you have experienced or anything else that you have read.

Spelling group (Mrs Doswell/ Miss Jones' groups)

Dictation unit 8 .mp4

Still image for this video
Dictation activity

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