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I hope you all had a wonderful day in the snow yesterday. 

I took some pictures on my walk yesterday. Can you spot my dog Ruby?

Please use the pictures below to help inspire you. 

I would like you to either describe the pictures below or write a couple of sentences describing what you got up to in the snow yesterday. 

Remember to use capital letters, full stops and lots of adjectives!


This week we are going to carry on with our class book, The Rainbow Fish'. 

Please watch the video or look at the powerpoint (if you are working from a paper pack) to make sure you have remembered the story. 

Today I would like you to change the main character, the rainbow fish to a new character. 

Please draw me a picture of your new character and label them. You can choose any under the sea animal.

What is their name?

What are they going to look like?

What part of them are the other fish jealous of?


The Rainbow Fish


Now that you have a new main character I would like you to create a new story map for the your new version of 'The Rainbow Fish'. The story stays the same except that instead of the rainbow fish you now have a new main character. 


What is you new title?

Where is your story set?

What do the other fish and the little blue fish want from your character?

Why do they not like your character?

Who does your character decide to go visit?

What do they say to your character?

What does your character decide to give to the little blue fish and all the other fish?

How does your character feel at the end of the story?


Yesterday you planned out a new story. Today I would like you to write the whole story down. 

Please use the word mat below and the story writing template. 

Remember to use your plan from yesterday to help you to write your story. 

Please make sure your sentences start with a capital letter and finish with a full stop. 

Remember to use adjectives to describe your new main character!

I can't wait to read your stories smiley


Please reread your story and edit it. Make sure you haven't forgotten any of your capital letters and full stops.

If you haven't drawn a picture to illustrate your story make sure you do this today. 

I would like you to perform and read your story to your family.

Next week, Miss Bauld will be setting up video calls on Monday so that you can read and perform your stories to her. 

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