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wb 7.12


Today I would like you to watch the video on the website below. 


Watch it a few times if you need to and answer the questions below. 


Tigers - Tell the answers to an adult

Giraffes - Please write your answers to 2 of the questions and tell the rest of you answers to an adult. 


1. How does Whistleless feel at the beginning of the film?

2. What can the other birds do that he can't do?

3. Who does Whistleless meet on his journey to find his whistle?

4. How does Whistleless feel at the end of the film?


Please listen to Miss Toole's lesson on using the suffix -est and on Tigers!

Then answer the questions below



Can you tell your adult at least 3 tigers that you have just learnt?

Can you create an animal 'What am I?' and tell your adult?


Can you write down 3 tiger facts that you have just learnt?

Can you create an animal 'What am I?' and tell your adult?

Can you guess what animal I am?


I have a big waggy tail.

My favourite toy is my ball.

I have a lovely wet nose.

And a pink tongue that loves to lick 

I love to chase rabbits and squirrels

What am I?


Please listen to this lesson by Miss Toole and create a map to help you remember all the information about tigers.  

You will need some blank paper and a pencil. 

Please make sure you step the information text out and use the actions. It will help you to remember it!!



Today I would like you to listen to the next lesson with Miss Toole. You are going to be learning about spellings with -est on the end of words and using your tiger information.

Please have some paper and pencil when doing this lesson. 


Today I would like you to do some work with Miss Toole about tigers and nouns (singular and plurals). 

Please make sure you have some paper and a pencil. 

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