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Week 2

Please spend twenty minutes per day on Literacy/English activities and twenty minutes per day on Maths activities. Please continue to read at home with your grown ups for ten minutes per day (grown ups: please ask them about the book they have just read). Also included on the page will be ten minute phonic work, an extended science/topic activity and additional PSHE and lifestyle activities. We would love to see what you are up to so please email us any work/ fun things that you have completed and also images you have taken. If you have completed any other activities outside of the ones we have provided we would love to see those too!


Please email us on: with any questions/concerns and your lovely work (Please make sure it is named with their class e.g Kim 1K) We will be available from 9am - 3:30pm for feedback.


If you require a paper copy of the pack or any stationary, please email us prior to Monday morning so this can be arranged.


Remember next week is Easter so have a lovely rest for the next two weeks 6/4/20 - 17/4/20.


Year 1 Team

Phonics- Can you learn and practice the ee sound? What objects can you see that have the ee sound in them?

Letter formation- Can you improve your handwriting whilst recapping your phonic sounds? Challenge: Can you find objects around the house beginning with these sounds?

Chicken Licken | Fairy Tales | Gigglebox

Listen to the Chicken Licken story. Discuss the story with your child and ask them questions about it.

Who is the main character?

Where is the story set?

What is the problem in this story?

Can you retell the story?

Maths answers for week 1. Tick and Fix. Can you see why that is the answer??

Literacy - This week we are looking at non-fiction texts.

Grown ups - please read this non fiction text with your children. Can you discuss with your children how this piece of non fiction writing may look different to a piece of fiction writing. By the end of the week they will be writing their own non fiction text about chicks. This is what it will look like.

Literacy (2) The Little Chick Company - It All Starts With An Egg - For Kids

Talk to your grown up and tell them what you have learnt.

Things to think about:
- Appearance (what they look like)
- Diet (what they eat)
- Babies (where do they come from)
- Habitat (where they live)
- One interesting WOW fact!

Literacy 3 - Can you use the time adverbials to sequence the pictures correctly? Then can you write a sentence about each picture.

Literacy 4 - Please can you start to write your sentences about chicks into the fact file. This will be completed over two days. Complete the title, introduction, appearance and diet section of the factfile.

Literacy 5 - Complete the rest of the fact file.

Topic - Puppet show! Invite your toys and your family to your very own puppet show! Remember to send us lots of pictures or videos!

Topic - Puppet show! Invite your toys and your family to your very own puppet show! Remember to send us lots of pictures or videos!  1 Can you have your very own puppet show?
Life style- Noughts and crosses game. If possible, go into the garden or the park and collect 4 sticks, a handful of leaves and stones. Use the sticks to make a grid and the leaves and stones will be your markers. With a family member, your aim is to make a line first! This is a great game so have lots of fun!
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School is now closed until further notice. Only certain pupils and pupils whose parents are key workers may attend - phone/email the school office about this. All learning is on the website - 'Children' 'Class Pages'.
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