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Week 4 (27.4.20)

Picture news - Read about what has been happening around the world



Lessons 1 + 2.

Watch the video 'Megacity'. It is about a boy and his dog.


Your Task: to write a short story based on the video. 

If you are struggling to write a whole story, use the sheet with 9 pictures from the video. Write a sentence to describe what is happening in each picture. - LINK TO THE VIDEO.



Questions to help you think about your story:

Who is the boy?

What is the dog's name?

What is the boy doing and why?

What does the boy really want in life?

What do you think the dog wants in life?

Are they happy at the end? Why?


Use your imagination. You could tell us what the boy is thinking, you could describe the city or the field in detail, you could even write it from the dog's point of view!


Here is an example of an opening to use if you are stuvck:

Example story opening

Still image for this video

Write a sentence for each picture if you are struggling

Write a sentence for each picture if you are struggling 1

Lesson 3


Today, edit your story to make sure you have used correct punctuation.

Things to check:

Capital letters/full stops

Commas for lists and clauses

Apostrophes to show possession or contraction

Speech punctuation



Below is a list of words that you might have used in your story. Check you have spelled them correctly:


Lesson 4+ 5


Your tasks:

Read the poem 'Richest Boy in the World' and answer the questions.
Read the text 'Life on Earth would not be possible without trees' and answer the questions.


IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING WITH THESE then please read the three poems: 'What's in a poem,' 'What am I like?' and 'Lemurs'.

Look at the tasks  for those poems.




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


Reading.  1 You can use this book review template to write your reviews. Remember team points are given for every review you do!

Art - Please send photos of your creations to our email address as we would love to see them!

Spellings - try a new strategy each day to learn your spellings

Mental Arithmetic - have a go at 3 or 4 questions a day. Remember to correct your work if you have made any mistakes.

The Ridgeway is again open for children of keyworkers and some more vulnerable children. The Ridgeway school office is open between 09.00 - 12.00 each weekday - please phone or email, do not come into school. Stay home - stay safe.
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