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Week 7


This week we are learning about measuring in cm, m and km. There are 3 videos this week to help you with your learning. If you have any questions then please email us.


Lesson 1 – Measuring height

Have a go at pages 77 + 78 in your workbook.  

Top tips:

1m = 100cm

0.1m = 10cm

0.01m = 1cm


1m 64cm = 164cm = 1.64m

3m 83cm = 383cm = 3.83m



What have you learnt today?

How can you challenge yourself?

Lesson 1 - Measuring height.wmv

Still image for this video

Lesson 2 – Converting units of length

Have a go at pages 81 + 82 in your workbook.

Use the top tips from yesterday.


2.8m = 280cm

9.34m = 934cm


Have a go at measuring distance in your house.

If you dont have a tape measure you can use any objects of the same size.


Height of the table = 10 mugs or 8 pencils.

Distance I can jump = 15 books or 25 forks.

Lesson 2 - Converting units of length.wmv

Still image for this video

Lesson 3 – Converting units of measurement

Top tip

1km = 1000m


3km = 3000m

4.56km = 4560m

3.05km = 3050m

Lesson 3 - Converting units of length.wmv

Still image for this video

Lesson 4 – Reading scales

Have a go at the review on pages 91 – 94.

Don’t worry about question 5 or 6 as we have not done perimeter.

Lesson 5 – Arithmetic paper

Have a go at the next arithmetic paper. Try as many questions as you can. Don’t worry about dividing by 10 or 100 as we haven’t done that yet.

Mark your work and let us know how you got on.


I have included some challenge cards this week. Each card has a different activity on. Let us know how you get on.


This week, we will be doing some short burst writing. This will involve you writing a paragraph about a different picture each day. The writing task will be different for each picture. We will tell you at least one feature that we would like you to include for each task (this will be in red)... the rest is up to you! You might want to write in the first person for the character description or you might not! It's completely up to you how you complete each task. Be imaginative! The 'Think about..' sections are just hints if you are finding it tricky to know what to write. You don't have to use these.


We can't wait to read them so please send them to us!

Lesson 5

Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings.


There- refers to a place or a position.

For example: Miss Greenaway is running over there.


Their- shows ownership or belonging.

For example: Their dinner looks very yummy.


They’re- this is a shorter way of saying ‘they are’

For example: They’re going on holiday.


Task: Complete the ‘Their, They’re and There’ sheet. You can write them in your home learning book.  After you have finished the sheet, write 3 sentences which include the word ‘their’, 3 sentences which include the word ‘there’ and 3 sentences which include the word ‘they’re’ .


This week we are going to be reading an extract from SWL Saviours of Wildlife. This is a screenshot of their website about tigers.


Lesson 1 - Reading for pleasure

Enjoy some time reading to members of your family or to yourself. You can choose any book you like or have a look on the Epic Reading website for some comics and other books. You can use Epic Reading to find books within you AR level. If you are unsure of your level then please email us. 


Lesson 2 – To read the text.

Read the SWL Saviours of Wildlife text and have a think about where you would find this. Can you find evidence to back up your thoughts?

Clue – not in a book.

Lesson 3 – To answer questions

Re-read the text so you are confident with it.

Answer the questions in full sentences. If you are unsure have a look at the text again.

Lesson 4 + 5 – To use information.

Re-read the text again so you are confident.

Highlight all the facts about tigers.

Create an information poster about tigers using the information from the text. You can do this on the computer or by hand. Try and use as much information from the text as you can. Don’t forget to make the poster look appealing so use your neatest handwriting and lots of colours.

School closes for pupils in Reception and Year 1 on Friday at lunchtime, except for keyworker and vulnerable pupils. School closes for all pupils on Tuesday 21st July at lunchtime for the summer break. We reopen for all pupils on Thursday 3rd September. We wish you all a safe and happy summer break.
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