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week 8 beginning 02.06.20

Weekly message:


We do hope that you have had a lovely half-term week. We have been so lucky with the weather!

Lots of children have been working really hard with their home learning before half-term and definitely needed a break; the teachers certainly did!


We were really hoping that we could have been welcoming more of our Reception children back to school this week, but Ms Steele and the governors felt that it is still unsafe to do so. We do have a small group of keyworker children who will be attending, but for the rest of you, we will continue to set activities for home learning on Tapestry.


However, we have decided to change how we present the activities. We will not be posting every day, but instead will add a sheet at the beginning of the week (either Sunday evening or Monday morning). This sheet will show you our topic for the week, which will be linked to a story book. We will then list a variety of activities that your child can do throughout the week. You can pick and choose when you do them and how many you do. All our story books will be linked to the topic of "Minibeasts"!


We would still like to see evidence of the children's learning though so do continue to upload photos, videos and comments to your child's Tapestry account. Please try to do this at least once a week (but more if you prefer). The staff and leadership team at school are keeping track of the welfare of all our families, and if we do not see a post for a while, we become concerned that something is wrong and we may telephone you, email or turn up at your home to set our minds at rest.


If you are having difficulties posting, or you have any other concerns, please contact one of the Reception teachers as we may be able to help you. Alternatively, you can telephone the school office and leave us a message. Mrs Aslett will be in school every day from now on.


Mrs Aslett -
Miss Baxter -
Mrs Godfrey-


Some children will also have moved up to a different phonics group. We will post later to let you know which group your child is now in and what phonics home learning they will do. It is REALLY important that your child keeps up with the phonics and practises every day. The best way is to watch the videos on Youtube, followed by the reading activity.


This week's birthdays:


This week we would like to wish Kyla and Eryk a very happy birthday. We hope you have a lovely day. Don't forget to post some photos of your celebrations.


Here is a birthday song for you: 

School is open for pupils in Year 6, for children of keyworkers and for some more vulnerable children. If your child is in one of these groups and you would like a place in school for your child please contact the school office by email or telephone. School will be closed from 1.15pm every Friday.
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