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week 9 beginning 08.06.20

Weekly message 


Hello everyone,

I do hope that you have had a lovely weekend. We have had some very mixed weather!


We hope that you enjoyed doing some of last week's activities around the Very Busy Spider. Miss Baxter posted some photos of just some of the amazing learning that was completed on Tapestry. We hope that you enjoy this week's work on ladybirds, based on the book "Lucy Ladybird". You can find the plan in the "home learning" star above.

Please do keep sending photos, messages and videos of what you are up to.

You can also find  your phonics learning for the week in the phonics star above. Check your Tapestry to find out which group your child is in, or email Mrs Aslett to find out. 


I have adapted the powerpoints so that the links should be easier to follow. Please do try to make sure that your child at least does some phonics every day, even if they are just watching the Youtube videos.


We have had more children join our "pod" at school now - these are children who have parents or carers who are keyworkers. We have a dedicated Reception pod, with a maximum of 8 children. We have availability to open a second Reception pod if numbers go up as parents return to work. We have put so much in place to ensure that everything is as safe as possible for the children and adults involved. We all had a good time back in school this week. We really hope to see more children come in to school soon.


This week's birthdays:


Thomas and Mrs Aslett both have birthdays this week! (I wonder who is older?)


Thomas - click on the link to hear your birthday song!

School is open for pupils in Year 6, for children of keyworkers and for some more vulnerable children. If your child is in one of these groups and you would like a place in school for your child please contact the school office by email or telephone. School will be closed from 1.15pm every Friday.
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