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Week 9


This week we are continue learning about area and perimeter. There are no videos this week but please email us if you would like more explanations. The pack below has information for each day. The worksheets can be found on the correct days. 


This week we are looking at features in our toolkit. There is also an Oracy activity on Friday :) 



Lesson 1-

Goal: To use expanded noun phrases.


Warm up- What is in the box?

Write me 5 questions in full sentences about what is inside my box. Email your questions to me and I will answer them Can you guess from my answers?

1st clue- It is freezing!



Look through the PowerPoint about expanded noun phrases.


Complete the Triple- Decker sandwich tasks and the Expand that Noun Phrase task.  (You could have- The white, creamy milk sat on the table.)


Once you have completed these, write 5 expanded noun phrases for your character that you created last week. Think about the setting that you put them in and use this to help you to write the sentences. Wilfred the Wild was getting ready for battle so I will show this in my sentences. You do not have to include a prepositional phrase but if you would like to challenge yourself then you can give it a go!



  • Wilfred the Wild has long, greasy hair which he uses to cover his weary face.
  • Wilfred the Wild put on his spectacular, heavy helmet. He made his way to the tremendous, agile long boat.

Lesson 1 PowerPoint

Lesson 2-

Goal: To use adjectives and similes


Warm up

Complete the starter on the PowerPoint. You can discuss these with someone at home.



Look through the PowerPoint about similes and adjectives. 

Complete the tasks on the PowerPoint. 

Once you have completed the tasks, write 5 similes for your character that you created last week.



  • Wilfred the Wild’s sword was as sharp as a pair of scissors. 
  • Wilfred the Wild charged into battle like a lion chasing its prey. 

Lesson 2 PowerPoint

Lesson 3-

Goal: To show and describe personality


Warm up

Look at the personality adjectives and discuss with someone at home any that you do not understand.



Choose 6 personality adjectives from the poster or you can choose your own. Write 6 sentences to explain why your character has that specific trait.



  • Wilfred the Wild is ambitious because he is eager and determined to do well and succeed in battle.
  • Wilfred the Wild is brave because he continues to battle, although he knows that he could get seriously hurt.

Lesson 3 Personality adjectives

Lesson 4- 



Spelling words:










Task 1- Choose a spelling strategy to practice these spellings (LCWC, pyramid, fonts, flashcards, pictures to represent the word)

Task 2- Put each spelling word into a sentence. Make sure your sentences make sense. You may need to check the meaning of some of the words! 

Lesson 5- 

Please look at the instructions below for today's Oracy tasks.  


This week we are going to continue reading Charlotte’s Web.

Lesson 1 – Chapter 2
Listen to chapter 2 online or read to yourself if you have the book
Make some notes about what happens.


Charlotte's Web Chapter 2 Read Aloud

Order a copy of the book here! Charlotte's Web is an award-winning book that explores the value of friendship and loyalty between Cha...

Lesson 2 – To find synonyms

A synonym is a word that means the same as another word.

Beautiful – attractive, pretty, lovely, stunning
Funny – humorous, comical, hilarious, hysterical
Honest – honourable, fair, sincere, trustworthy
Kind – thoughtful, considerate, gracious
Unhappy – sad, depressed, melancholy, miserable

Have a go at the ‘synonym activity’ sheet and see how many you can find.

Lesson 3 – Synonyms in Charlotte’s Web

I have gone through chapter 2 and found some good key words.
Complete the ‘synonym match up’ sheet.
First, match up the synonyms.
Next, complete the grid for the word ‘wade’.

Lesson 4 – To represent the text in a picture.

Read the extract from pages 17-19.
Draw a picture to show this extract.
Label your picture with quotes from the book.

Lesson 5- Chapter 3 

Listen to chapter 3 online or read to yourself if you have the book.
Make some notes about what happens.

Charlotte's Web Chapter 3 Read Aloud

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