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week 4 beginning 27.04.20

Week beginning 27.04.20

Click on the link for the week's plan

There are some downloads for optional resources at the bottom of the weekly message.

Weekly message from the Reception team

We hope that you all enjoyed last week's activities all about space.  We had some amazing work posted on Tapestry.  Thank you for all your efforts and of course the children's.

Well done to Izabela for winning the "decorate an egg Easter competition". We loved the decorations on your egg!


Please do let us know if you think that you should be receiving vouchers for free school meals, that you are not yet getting or are unable to get.  The school office is open this week Tuesday - Friday, 9-12 am, so phone if you have any queries.


Please remember to check out the phonics learning for the week (click on the phonics star on the Reception home learning page).  There are extra videos now on Youtube to help with spelling and details are in this week's plan.  The plans will also be sent to your via your Tapestry account.  It is really important that the children keep up with their phonics each day in order to give the skills for reading and writing.


This week's learning is still all about space, but we are going to be using our imaginations to meet some aliens!  In maths we are going to be learning how to find a half of something and how to share a number of objects fairly.  We hope you enjoy the activities. 


Please click on the link to download the plan for the whole week.  The activities will also be posted to Tapestry daily.  Have fun!

Food pictures for cutting in half

make a pizza with equal halves

Ideas for creating aliens

Numicon shapes

School is CLOSED on 1st June to allow staff to prepare for reopening. School will reopen to some pupils from 2nd June - if your child has been allocated a place in school you will have received a letter. Please contact the school office by phone or email if you think your child should be returning to school but haven't had a letter. Stay safe.
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